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First Mineral Show in Lodz took place in November 28-29, 1992 in XXXI High School building (Czajkowskiego Street, Widzew).

The idea of such enterprise was born in mine mind after my several visits to England in late 1970-s. At that time mineral collecting in Poland was almost a non-existing hobby, and popular books on the subject were rare. Nevertheless, small groups of mineral collectors started to form local associations, especially in a mountainous Silesia region, southwestern Poland. Clear indications of such activities were small mineral shows in Walbrzych and Wroclaw, intended as a forum of information and specimens exchange.

My frequent visits to that Silesian shows brought me an idea of initiating similar activity in Lodz. I understood that such a plan might have been quite risky in a town located so far away from well-known Polish mineral localities. Unexpectedly the first mineral show in Lodz gathered quite a large audience and received warm reception in a local press. Evan more, the scientific community of Lodz supported mine initiative highlighting its educational importance. It is worth to mention, that this first meeting enabled several persons to get in contact and later on they established the Mineral Association united to Geography Faculty of University of Lodz. My successful start was essential for thinking of organising the more professional enterprise.

Next year (May 15-16, 1993) the second event took place under a trade name: “ mineral, gem, fossil and jewellery show, INTESTONE” – in large interiors of Sport Hall (Skorupki street 21), which later became the permanent place for these meetings. The place assures comfortable conditions both for mineral & gem dealers as well as for visitors; it is probably the best location for such shows in Poland. All following events rose in popularity and collected a vast number of visitors. Presently INTRSTONE is called twice a year – in spring in April and in autumn in October.

On the occasion of XXV-th edition of INTERSTONE (October 2-3, 2004) a first number of full-colour Interstone Trade Gazette was issued. From that moment the Gazette has been a nice gift for each admission ticket. This special eight-page publication (of 5000 prints) presents popular articles on selected subjects related to mineral and fossil collecting, interviews with interesting persons, describes world places for mineral hunting and contains many more information.

We have a pleasure to invite all of you to visit the 56th edition of INTERSTONE show that will be held in Saturday 24th April, 2021 from 10AM to 6PM and in Sunday 25th April from 10AM to 5PM in EXPO Hall, 5 Politechniki Avenue in Lodz/Poland.

Janusz Nowak
Interstone & Geolab & Medina